So you are sneaking around here...

...that means you must have a certain degree of interest for my person. Well, thank you very much for that but i am sorry to disappoint you again: I am just a 'normal' film music nerd as yourself, my dear reader. The only difference is: I was crazy enough to write this stuff.


My Music:

I will (mis?)use my webspace here for some shameless promotion of my compositions. If you really want to terrorise your ears, try out this stuff. Beware! Listen to this at your own risk!


PAINTED FACES (2005/2006) - Vietnamfilm (selections from the rejected demos)

At an online board I found a post of the crew from this student film. They were desperatedly looking for a composer of their vietnam drama about a soldier who was part of a small group of special forces and his remembrances of a spear-heading mission into Vietnam behind enemy lines during the heat of the crisis. I had to participate on a casting for this one which was a completely new experience for me. A lot of other composers wanted to be a part of it, so they had to do multiple rounds in order to find Mr. Right. Well, I have made it to the finale with a wealth of demos but did not get the assignment in the end. Now, almost one year later, there is no trace of these guys, their website and the film to be found. What remains though, are these demos. For White Crime, I composed only 12 minutes which were all used in the film while for Painted Faces, I composed 24 minutes which were never used anywere. That damn irony. Maybe a word about the casting: They gave me a clip with a scene from the film, more exactly one which had little importance in the overall context of the film. Naturally, it was temp-tracked... with generic string music from Hans Zimmer's Tears Of The Sun in particular. It was obvious where they wanted the music to go, yet they said every different approach would be welcomed. That's exactly what I gave them.

- Main Theme (Demo): I decided to extend the montage of the soldier's journey through Vietnam (from the first half of the casting clip) with a thematic outburst and this thematic idea became the basis for this composition which is basically an extension of that journey theme. This particular arrangement was actually the last thing I did when the casting came to the finale round. The task was to summarize the film's story within a coherent, thematic piece of music. (c) January 2006 Andreas Creutzburg


PAINTING SPACE (2005) - Experimental Music

Painting Space is an experimental piece of music. It came to me when i thought about space as a whole (empty, dark, cold, endless). This composition is not very pleasant i might add because i took the opportunity to experiment with sound effects and percussion to create the necessary effects. Not sure if you can still call that music.

- Eröffnung (excerpt) (c) July 2005 Andreas Creutzburg


WHITE CRIME (2005) - Actionfilm

This is an action movie made by a couple of friends and colleagues. At the last possible minute, they called me in to score all of the action, which was a very exciting experience and a dream come true for me. The movie premiered at a local cinema and the reactions of the audience were the greatest reward for 3 and a half days of hard but enjoyable work. Our director Dennis actually planned to put out a soundtrack CD-r with all the music from the film and asked me to produce it, but there could have been some legal issues. In the end, I did not took the risk but now that i have my own website, i will publish some cues of the 13 minutes composed for white crime here.

- Club Explosion: The climatic scene in the film. The audience was cheering at the screen when they watched the building going off. Pretty neat for a 500 euro budget. (c) May 2005 Andreas Creutzburg

- Großer Deal/Die Uebergabe: A big deal between gangsters while the heros are sneaking in to disturb the crime party. (c) May 2005 Andreas Creutzburg

- Großer Deal/'Baller Man!': The heros crash into the deal and a shootout follows. The director wanted heavy beat music synchronized with the various scenes AND shots to hide bad sfx's of gunshots. I was experimenting with e-guitar samples and as soon as i watched the scene, i wanted to have an e-guitar statement in the moment when the bad guys are pulling out their guns. That moment was really effective in the film. (c) May 2005 Andreas Creutzburg

- Flashback/Der Mord (alternate unused demo cue): This is a demo cue for a very emotional scene in the film when  one of our heros is remembering the murder of his family. This scene is becoming very important at the end and i found it important to musically link this scene with the ending to give it more emotional depth. Unfortunately, there was no time to execute the idea and a different piece ended up in the scene. (c) May 2005 Andreas Creutzburg