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Dear visitor,

this website is dedicated to the music by composers of film and television. It is my plan to create a nice place for filmmusic enthusiasts and those who want to learn more about this colourful music genre. The site is still under construction and will be expanded as you are reading this. Besides my own reviews and ratings of score CDs, it should offer other fun material such as feature articles, fun stuff and detailed composer profiles soon. I hope you will enjoy your visit here and have a good time.

Sincerely, Andreas Creutzburg (webmaster) - about me


The Rating System:

Many review sites are relying on the star system. They usually give 5 stars to the best and 1 star to the worst scores. When i created this site, i found this star rating system to be very inaccurate and thought about other ways to properly rate a score CD. Suddenly, video game magazines came to mind: They mostly give ratings in percents with 100% for a perfect game and 1% for the worst.

I decided to go with this system as it allows a detailed rating of a score. The final rating of a score consists of two parts:

1. Score as heard in the film: Since we are talking about film music, it is very important to look at the effect of a score in the film it was composed for. Some scores can only work well in the film and loose a lot of impact on CD (mainly horror and thriller scores). Other scores can elevate a film to annother level or add much to the experience when you watch the film. All these factors create the percentage rating of this category.

2. Score as heard on CD: This category is the opposite of the first one. Some scores can perfectly stand on its own and don't depend on the visuals of the film. Other scores might be manipulated or changed for the final cut of the film and thus they can only reveal their quality on CD. The percentage rating of this category is influenced by these factors.

A rating of 100% is actually impossible to reach, because this would be a perfect score that would have no weak points at all and would have the same positive effect on every person within every second. Unfortunately, something like that does not and will never exist. The same goes for a rating of 0% as this would be an empty CD.

Presentation by the Label (separate): Sound quality, music mixing or the amount of original score can have a significant influence in this category. For example,  if a CD is missing important cues, has no features in the booklet or consist of rap songs only, it will result in a lower rating. The packaging with cover and booklet is also playing a important role here. Note: Some scores are only available as promo or illegal bootleg. In that case there will be no rating.

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