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...you should be absolutely aware of the nature of the "informations" posted here. This section is about rumours which means there is NO guarantee that the informations are true. It is basically a compilation of fanboy-talk, forum oddities and hints from people "in-the-knows" (though mostly all of these factors are combined). Sometimes, there are news which lack of an official confirmation but are expected to be true and they also end up here. Whenever a rumour turns out to be true, there will be a notification and the rumour will become official news posted on the main page.

My advice: Keep an eye on this section from time to time but remain as sceptical as possible... and don't ask for names because i won't tell you anyways ;-)


Friday 11th, January 2008


I heard from a really relieable source (that should remain unnamed) that Intrada will re-issue the old MCA LP of Stu Philips' music for the TV series Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (1978) on CD sometime early in 2008, maybe even really soon within a few weeks only but the exact date remains unknown. Unfortunately, it was said that this will only be a straight re-issue with improved sound and will not contain any new material, full episode scores or anything going beyond the original LP content. Still, it's good to know there's some Stu Philips coming out in the new year :D

Monday 10th, September 2007


It was revealed by an anonymous source recently that the Alan Silvestri's Madrid Concert will be released as a single disc edition by the end of September. If this rumour is true, there will be some material left off the release which is probably hard to license material such as the yet to be released Beowulf (2007). Still good news for all those Silvestri fans who could not be there to experience this most amazing concert. Note: Confirmed! The online magazine Filmmusicweekly has confirmed the rumour. They also confirmed that the concert suite from Beowulf (2007) won't be included on this single disc release. The CD is expected to be announced September 25th at the official RTVE site (www.rtve.es) and will be sold at spanish online stores such as fnac.es among others.

Saturday 18th, August 2007


Bruce Broughton has revealed to fans at the Academy's Miklós Rózsa Tribute that some record label has secured the rights to Broughton's sought-after score for Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) for a future release. Further details such as release date or the amount of music are unknown but it can be expected that the unmentioned label might be Intrada Records, who previously issued the score as a promotional edition limited to 500 units. Update: Roger Feigelson from Intrada Records said he does not know anything about such a release, so Varese Sarabande might be the next likely candidate for this release. Given the score's large popularity, Broughton fans might want to play it save and carefully check the future announcements of the Club CDs.

Wednesday 30th, May 2007


Several indications are turning up for an upcoming release of John Williams score for Alfred Hitchcock's final movie Family Plot (1976). Sandwiched-in between his all-time masterpieces and academy award winning efforts for Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope (1977) and Jaws (1975), the score is an overlooked treasure and represents a missing link of John Williams body of work where many stylistic devices and ideas from his future scores are introduced. A recording sessions bootleg recently showed up in mp3pro/mono quality revealing that masters for the music do exist. Early this year, Ford A. Thaxton made the following comments about future Prometheus records releases: "A deal was closed on Friday for perhaps one of the greatest film scores ever written to be released on PROMETHEUS in a very complete form. And another classic as well from one my personal favroite film composer that I've wanted to do for over 30 years is next in the batting order as well. And that's all I'm going to say a this time." It remains to be seen wether or not he is refering to a release of Family Plot (1976) but take into account that John Williams is in fact one of Ford's personal favourite composers and that the score is over 30 years old! Coincidence? ;)

Saturday 24th, February 2007


There is a strong rumour from reliable sources making the round that this year's film music festival in Madrid, Spain will have composers Alan Silvestri and David Newman as special guests. It is said that there will be concerts of their music conducted by the two gentlement as it was the case with last year's special guests, Trevor Jones and Harry Gregson-Williams. The event is expected to happen in late June again. Fans of both composers may want to watch this space for updates and also check the main page for official announcements! I will do my best to get an official statement on this as soon as possible! Note: Confirmed! Silvestri-expert Emile Brinkman officially confirmed the rumours today on March 24th! Alan Silvestri will be there in June 30th at the Teatro Monumental to conduct a concert of his best themes!

Friday 16th, February 2007


Some internet rumour is making the round among fans that Intrada Records has got hold of Bruce Broughton's largely requested score for the Universal / Amblin title Harry And The Hendersons (1987) and that a CD will come out sometime in 2007. There is nothing else known beyond that yet and the label is usually playing the cards very close to their chest until things become more concrete. Since the release of music from the TV series Amazing Stories which is also owned by Universal / Amblin, the rumours went crazy about Intrada digging into the scoring vault of these companies. The release of David Shires' score for The Hindenburg from the same studio (although previously issued on LP by MCA Records which is a whole different story) somewhat gives hope that there might be more to these rumours one would expect. Note: False! Roger Feigelson from Intrada Records disclaimed rumours saying that such a release is in the works from the label.

Saturday 9th, December 2006


According to latest information from reliable sources, Prometheus records is currently working on a new CD release of the underestimated Poledouris' classic Conan The Destroyer (1984). It is not known yet wether this new release will feature the complete score or just expand on the material from the now hard to find original release but whatever amount of the score will be on it is expected to have improved sound quality. Further details are completely unknown at this time. In the shadow of the composer's death, Prometheus records has just released another complete CD release of the Poledouris gem Quigley Down Under (1990).

Tuesday 24th, October 2006


Labels are playing their cards close to the chest lately (I guess they know we are watching them ;) ) but in a recent interview, composer Bruce Broughton revealed that a release of his music for the 2-part television film Eloise (2002) is around the corner from Intrada Records. Almost at the same time, Roger Feigelson from Intrada records prepared people for a 2-CD release in their signature edition series. Now I will leave it to you  to count one and one together ;)

Saturday 15th, July 2006


According to insider infos that have been leaked, Music From The Movies continues the success of the Jerry Goldsmith DVD with another documentary of a  film composer but no further info has been revealed on who exactly the new documentary will focus. Shooting already is finished and the DVD is currently in post-production. A release is expected for early 2007 while more infos and surprises are supposed to be revealed officially on the MftM website in fall 2006.

Wednesday 5th, July 2006


Late 2006 promises to become a packed and expensive time for 80's film music fans. Besides the now confirmed rumours about a Tango & Cash (1989) score release from La-La-Land Records, new rumours have occured surrounding Prometheus Records, who are supposedly going to put out a 2-CD set of Henry Mancini's score for the sci-fi/horror epic Lifeforce (1985). Michael Kamen's additional music for the film is expected to be included as well. Prometheus' record producer Ford A. Thaxton neither confirmed nor denied these rumours yet. The release is expected to be announced sooner or later through Buysoundtrax.com. Note: Confirmed! Release is now available at Buysoundtrax.com!

Friday 30th, June 2006


Recent speculation and inside information are suggesting that the aimed time frame for a release of the second box set of complete recordings series from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy scores by Howard Shore, namely The Two Towers (2002), is mid-october 2006. This corresponds with recent comments from Doug Adams, who indicated that The Two Towers box set will hit stores earlier compared to last year's release of The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) box set. An official press release date is expected to be announced once the liner notes are finished and accepted. Hang on! It's coming closer while you read these lines! Note: Confirmed! The release date is November 7th!

Wednesday 14th, June 2006


Latest online forum rumours are saying that prometheus records is going to release a remastered, expanded edition of Basil Poledouris' score for Farewell To The King (1989) which will contain a total of 65 minutes of score, 22 minutes more than on the previous CD release. The new edition is supposed to be announced in july this year. Note: Confirmed! Various online retailers are already taking pre-orders for this release and it will come out on September 1st.

Sunday 11th, June 2006


After the announcement of Intrada's latest signature edition release featuring two of composer Mark McKenzie's latest scores, the composer reportedly replied to his fans that a CD release of his music score for Blizzard (2003) is just around the corner and scheduled for 2007. Note: Confirmed. Earlier than expected, Intrada released the score as a part of their signature edition series with a limitation of 1000 units only!

Monday 8th, May 2006


Rumour has it that FSM is about to announce the CD release of music from the original recordings of the Bernard Herrmann classic The Wrong Man (1956). Watch the website of the label during the upcoming days! Note: Release confirmed!

Wednesday 3rd, May 2006


Highly reliable insider sources are confirming previous rumours of Film Score Monthly preparing the music from the cult-cop TV series CHiPs (1977) for a CD release, including episode scores composed by Alan Silvestri. The release is expected to come out later in 2006 but no further details are available at this time. Note: Confirmed! Released by FSM as a limited edition of 3000 units.

Sunday 16th, April 2006


According to fans of the score, who received an email reply  from Perseverance Records refering to the possibility of a release of David Arnold's score for Godzilla (1998), such a score-only release might already be in its earliest stage of production. Two companies are supposedly bidding on the rights and Sony is currently deciding who will get the call. The most likely candidate could be Varese Sarabande. However, at this stage everything is pure speculation. Update: Things are becoming more clear now as People in the knows confirmed that LaLa-Land is in fact going to release Arnold's Godzilla score early next year.

Wednesday 22nd, March 2006


Various online retailers are listing a re-issue of John Williams' score for The Witches Of Eastwick (1989). The original CD release from Warner has long been OOP and is a collectible. However, there is no further information about the re-issue at this time like wether or not it will be remastered or maybe expanded. Update: Re-issue confirmed!

Thursday 16th, March 2006


Rumour has it that FSM is going to announce a lavish 3-CD set of Miklós Rósza's score for the excellent Billy Wilder movie The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes (1970) which reportedly will also feature the composer's own recording of his violin concerto. Note: Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969) received the 3-CD threatment instead! Update: Tadlow Music is supposedly preparing a reconstruction of the entire score together with the violin concerto in the same way they did with True Grit and Guns Of Navarone.

Sunday 12th, March 2006


Stephen Sommers' company has launched a website with informations about confirmed upcoming projects for the company, including Magic Kingdom For Sale, Flame Over India, The Mummy 3 as well as the remakes of Flash Gordon, Jason And The Argonauts and When Worlds Collide. Alan Silvestri might be involved with the post production of some of these films if Sommers will direct any of them given the director's admiration for the composer's work. However, nothing is certain at this time because all of these projects are in early stages of production.

Saturday 25th, February 2006


Rumour has it that Intrada is about to release a limited edition of Alan Parker's score for Jaws 3-D (1983), the ill-fated sequel to Jaws and Jaws 2. Note: False! Intrada's Roger Feigelson stated that there is no such a release coming from the label.

Saturday 18th, February 2006


The supposedly lost original session elements of Miklós Rósza's score for The V.I.P.s (1963) have survived in the vault of a private collector and Film Score Monthly is looking into a possible release of the material.

Thursday 16th, February 2006


According to the official website of composer Ron Goodwin, Film Score Monthly will release his score for Force 10 From Navarone (1978) which has long been a favourite of many film music fans. Note: Release confirmed!

Tuesday 14th, February 2006


La-La Land records is reportedly looking into releasing Tyler Bate's newest score for Slither (2006) though nothing is certain at this point.

Monday 30th, January 2006


Weird numbers like 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 appearing on the Varese website's news section indicate that a release of Michael Giacchino's music for the first season of the extremely popular television series Lost (2005/2006) might just be around the corner.  Note: The release is now confirmed!

Sunday 29th, January 2006


Individual Goldsmith fans are convinced that Varese Sarabande is going to release the composer's complete score for the Franklin J. Schaffner film The Boys From Brazil (1978) among their next batch of CD Club releases. However, there are no official indications of any kind that such a release may be on its way.

Saturday 21st, January 2006


Rumours are saying that on February 28th, expanded editions of the soundtracks for Ghostbusters (1984) by Elmer Bernstein and Rocky IV (1985) by Vince DiCola will be released. There are no details yet which label will put these editions out and wether or not these new editions will contain more of the original scores from both films or just more songs. You better take this one with a big grain of salt! Update: The new editions are just re-issues which include newly mixed versions of the most important songs and no additional score.

Thursday 19th, January 2006


La-La Land records is supposedly going to release Frontiere's score for A Name For Evil (1973) later this year. There has not been any specification of the release date yet.

Friday 13th, January 2006


A score by Harold Faltermeyer is rumoured to be released sometime in 2006 supposedly by La-La Land Records. There are no indications of any kind which score it is going to be but rumours say that "it will please all Faltermeyer Fans" who may want to keep an eye on this one for updates. Update Tuesday 14th, February 2006: The list of possible titles is narrowed down since La-La Land has a special deal with Sony. The Faltermeyer scores that are fan-favourites are Tango & Cash (1989) as well as Top Gun (1986) and both are considered as possible candidates for the release even though there has not been any official confirmation from the label yet. Note: release of Tango & Cash confirmed!

Friday 6th, January 2006


There are rumours that 2007 will see yet another re-issue of selected James Bond scores to coincidence with a new DVD edition, namely On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), The Man With The Golden Gun (1975), Live And Let Die (1973), Goldfinger (1964) and Moonraker (1979) which will all receive additional tracks of previously unreleased music. FSM's Lukas Kendall is reportedly involved with the production as it was the case with the previous re-issues of Bond soundtracks. However, a while back Kendall himself stated that master tapes for Moonraker are lost. Fans of the franchise might want to keep an eye on this. Update: Lukas Kendall himself stated that this rumour 'is completely untrue'.

Wednesday 23rd, November 2005


Prometheus records is going to announce two new releases very shortly, a limited edition of 3000 copies and a regular release. Bill Conti's Victory (1981) and Jerry Goldsmith's Ransom (1975) are possibly parts of these new releases. Note: Both releases are confirmed!

Thursday 27th, October 2005


Dan Goldwasser from Soundtrack.net indicated that one of Bill Conti's scores from the early 80's is going to be released during the next few months. However, he did not go into detail which score it will be. It is supposed to be a previously unreleased score at least on CD which leaves The Formula (1980) and Bad Boys (1983). The Formula was released on LP by Varese Sarabande so it could be a part of the next batch of Club CD releases. Update (22nd November 2005): Not The Formula but Conti's Broadcast News (1987) has been released by Varese Sarabande as a part of their Club CD series.

Monday 24th, October 2005


Silva Screen Records is rumoured to be working on expanded editions of all three Indiana Jones scores featuring music composed and conducted by John Williams. People are speculating about the nature of the release, mainly wether this is going to be the highly anticipated release of the original recordings or a simple re-recording for which the label has become notorious. However, Silva Screen Records originally issued an expanded CD edition of the original recordings for Raiders of the Lost Ark before. The CD has long been OOP and could probably be re-issued as a part of a score box set. Nothing is certain yet!

Sunday 16th, October 2005


It seems like an open reel mono master tape of Bernhard Herrmann's supposedly lost original recordings from  It's Alive (1974) has somehow turned up and FSM is rumoured to be working on licensing and restoration of the material for a possible album release.

Friday 14th, October 2005


It seems that in a sudden twist of events, James Newton Howard is involved in Peter Jackson's monster project King Kong. No details are known yet to which degree Howard is working on the film and how this will affect Howard Shore's score. Note: confirmed!

Friday 7th, October 2005


It is rumoured that several of Elmer Bernstein's rejected scores as well as his Film Music Collection are set for a release within the next couple of month. Gangs Of New York and I Love Trouble are possible contenders for a release, maybe as a part of Varese Sarabande's CD Club. They already released Jerry Goldsmith's rejected scores for Timeline (2003) and Alien Nation (1988) as well as Elmer's rejected score for Last Man Standing (1996). The release of the Film Music Collection is rumoured to be supervised by a major film music Label which will most likely be Varese. Update (1st March 2006): The film music collection will be available as an extensive box set of 12 CDs priced at $225 which will be limited to 2000 units. The label is still anonymous.

Thursday 6th, October 2005:


Rumours are making the round that FSM is currently working on CD releases of the following scores:

Lili (1953) by Bronislau Kaper, The Glass Slipper (1955) by Bronislau Kaper, Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969) by John(ny) Williams, The Carey Threatment (1972) by Roy Budd, Westworld (1973) by Fred Karlin, Coma (1978) by Jerry Goldsmith, The Wrong Man (1956) by Bernard Herrmann and CHiP's (1978) by Alan Silvestri, Bruce Broughton and others.

None of these titles are confirmed officially yet though some of these titles are expected to be announced very soon. Note: release of Coma, The Glass Slipper, Westworld, The Carey Threatment, Lili and Goodbye, Mr. Chips confirmed!