Let me introduce you to one of germanies greatest film composers. Rolf Wilhelm is often refered to as the german John Williams. His music for films of all kinds of genres is colourful, melodic and synfonic. 08/15 (1955/56), Tonio Kroeger (1964), Die Nibelungen (1966/67), Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer (1973), Das Schlangenei (1976), Loriots Oedipussi (1988) and Loriots Pappa Ante Portas (1991)... all classic films with even more classic scores.

Rolf Wilhelm was born 1927 in munich. He took piano lessons already at the age of 7. He went to Highschool in Berlin and Wien, showing incredible talent for music. In 1942, he joined the "Musikhochschule Wien" at the age of 15, where he learned composition.


Unfortunately, only one year later in 1943, he was drafted at the age of 16 and later he became a POW. After his release he returned to munich where he continued studying music in 1946. During that year, he got his first assignment as a composer for Das Gespenst von Canterville, a radio play produced at channel "Radio München". He composed a score for a large orchestra and became free employee in all departments of the channel. During that time, he produced about 220 scores for radio plays.

His first film scoring assignments followed in 1952, mainly for documentaries. The widely known 08/15 trilogy became his first feature film assignment in 1954. In the following years he composed 64 feature film scores, 450 scores for television films and series as well as 350 pieces for commercials.

Rolf Wilhelm is now 78 years old and of reportedly good health but unfortunately, he does not get any assignments anymore:

"Some years ago, i started working on a tv series and even finished a few episodes. They presented it to the producer and she said: 'I reject this music. This is filmmusic and we don't need this here!' I answered: 'Well ok. That's an interesting conclusion you've made here. We better separate.' That was the inglorious (or still glorious?) ending of my work for television."

Audio Clips:

Die Nibelungen (1966/67) - Titelvorspann (excerpt)

Loriots Pappa Ante Portas (1991) - Schlussmarsch (excerpt)