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Monday 26th, February 2007

Oscars... they were given out again. No big surprises. Gustavo Santaolalla won the award in the category Achievement In Music Written For Motion Pictures (Original Score - but I use to call it Honorary Award For Films Normally Not Winning Anything) yet again for his guitar performance on Babel (2006). The score itself is neither original nor the best nor does it achieve anything. I am still trying to figure out how it managed to... oh yes! For a moment I pushed to the back of my mind that we are talking about Oscars. My mistake.

Saturday 30th, December 2006

Finally! According to several film news pages, George Lucas has agreed to the latest reworked version of the script for Indiana Jones 4 and he will start filming with Spielberg and Harrison Ford in 2007. He plans the picture to hit theatres in May 2008. If all goes well this time we can look forward to hear John Williams blasting the raiders march again while Indy is doing heroics in 2008. Best news of the old year!

Thursday 9th, November 2006

Breaking News: It's a sad day for film music fans around the world. Composer Basil Poledouris, the man behind many iconic scores for films such as Conan The Barbarian (1982), RoboCop (1987), Hunt For Red October (1990) and Starship Troopers (1997), has lost his fight against cancer and passed away at the age of 61. A big shock for many fans of the composer (including myself) who weren't even aware of his serious illness. The world of film music has lost one of its most unique talents way too early. Basil, we will miss you! To honour Basil's outstanding career I will dedicate a string of reviews of his best music to him. Rest in peace, Basil!

Tuesday 31st, October 2006

Breaking News: Various online sources, including Dan Goldwasser's, are reporting that James Horner was fired from The Good Shepherd (2006) by director Robert De Niro after both had creative differences over the score. Horner walked the plank before he was able to record the score in London where he also wanted to record his music for Mel Gibson's Apocalypto (2006). Re-scoring De Niro's film are newcomer Marcel Zavros and Remote Control's main orchestrator Bruce Fowler. It seems like every fall needs it's big rejection. Score fans will remember last year's big score rejection that happened at a similar time, when Howard Shore was replaced by James Newton Howard on Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005).

Sunday 1st, October 2006

The Site's first anniversary has come and gone without notice and the output has been slow. Nevertheless, you won't get rid of me because I am continuing to write reviews. Maybe not that regularily because my real life does not allow that anymore but when I publish something I will make sure that it's going to be good enough to satisfy these nitpickers called film music fans. To make a new start, I have just finished the first ever online review of Elmer Bernstein's score for the ridiculous science-fiction horror flick Saturn 3 (1980). I want to thank all my readers for an amazing first year and wish you guys all the best and a good time here!

Thursday 31st, August 2006

John Ottman will not be scoring A Night At The Museum (2006) anymore and Alan Silvestri was instead brought in to compose the music. It is not known wether or not Ottman might have already composed and recorded material that was rejected or if he just left the project before anything happened. The fantasy comedy starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and Dick Van Dyke will hit theaters on December 26th. There is no information yet about a Soundtrack Album with Silvestri's score but such a release is very likely to happen by the time the film comes out.

Saturday 15th, July 2006

A heads-up for fellow Alan Silvestri fans: A number of CD releases with music composed and conducted by the man himself will hit the road during late July/early August. First, his music for DisneySea Tokyo's 5th anniversary show The Sea Legend Of Mythica (2006) will be released on CD on July 19th followed by the long rumoured Film Score Monthly release of his early work for the cop TV series CHiPs (1977-1983) which is expected to be announced through the label's website at the end of July while Silva Screen Records dedicated a compilation to him as a part of their Film Music Masterworks series which will contain Silvestri themes recorded by the City Of Prague Philharmonic and comes out on late August/early September. In addition to that, Intrada's third Amazing Stories Anthology release which is expected to come out later this summer, will include his score for the Robert Zemeckis episode Go To The Head Of The Class.

Wednesday 5th, July 2006

Site news: I granted myself a little break from reviewing during the world cup time. Well, the german team has come very far and now they are up for an earned third place, which means I will return to score reviews very soon.

Monday 26th, June 2006

Varese Sarabande unleashed the summer batch of Club CDs. A 2000 units limited edition of Gloria (1980) continues their Bill Conti run, more David Newman music is also featured with a 2000 units double-header containing The War Of The Roses (1989) and The Sandlot (1993) while a 1000 units re-issue of Alfi Kabiljo's score for Sky Bandits (1986) and another 1000 units release of Christopher Young's rejected score for An Unfinished Life (2005) round out this hot batch.

Friday 23rd, June 2006

The moment we have been waiting for during the past few months has finally come. Screen Archives Enternainment now has Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collection, the highly anticipated 12-CD box consisting of Bernstein's own re-recordings of classic scores, up for pre-order at the expected price of 199,95 US-$. They will start shipping the Box approximately on July 10th.

Sunday 11th, June 2006

Aaron Schneider, the director of the academy award winning short film Two Soldiers (2003), stated that the planned DVD release won't come out after being delayed several times since early 2006 because of unknown problems with the distribution company. The DVD was announced having an isolated score track with Alan Silvestri's music and lots of other features. Schneider said the situation is very unclear and the DVD will probably not come out in the near future. However, Alan Silvestri owns the rights for his music in this case, so a score-only release hopefully was not buried with the DVD. 

Monday 15th, May 2006

The german filmmusic magazine Cinema Musica in cooperation with the label Alhambra Records follows the example of Film Score Monthly and started releasing a new series of vintage film music CDs dedicated to the giants of german film scoring. The first two volumes are double-headers dedicated to composer Rolf Wilhelm and feature his TV music for the Michael Kehlmann movies Tarabas (1981) and Hiob (1979) on the first, and his music for Flucht Ohne Ende (1986) and Radetzkymarsch (1965) on the second volume. Another two volumes are dedicated to the music of Karl-Ernst Sasse for DEFA-westerns such as Blutsbrueder (1976) and Spur Des Falken (1968) on the third, as well as Weiße Woelfe (1969) and Ulzana (1974) on the fourth volume. All CDs contain music from the original recordings only mastered from original elements from the german film archives. Good to see that the legacy of german film music is finally in good care. Also read the official press release and keep an eye open for the discs on as well as for more releases of Rolf Wilhelm's music that have already been announced as in preparation.

Friday 12th, May 2006

A truly amazing filmmusic surprise is coming from Intrada these days: The label announced a new 2-CD set that will become the first volume in a huge anthology release of TV music from the Steven Spielberg production Amazing Stories (1985-1987). The landmark release of TV music will include complete episode scores composed by such illustrious filmmusic icons as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Alan Silvestri, Michael Kamen, Bruce Broughton, James Horner, Georges Delerue, Thomas Newman and many, many others. The first volume contains the complete score from the pilot episode Ghost Train composed by John Williams as well as nine more complete epsiode scores mastered from original session elements.

Tuesday 9th, May 2006

Two new FSM CDs have been released with the first containing the complete original recordings of Bernard Herrmann's score for the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Wrong Man (1956) and the second featuring two LP re-issues with music composed by John(ny) Williams for the TV series Checkmate (1960) as well as Rhythm In Motion (1961) which is not a score but a collection of re-arrangements of classic showtunes done by John(ny) Williams.

Saturday 15th, April 2006

According to an Interview for BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme, Composer John Williams is currently working on a new score for a yet unknown movie. No further details were revealed at this time but the interview was done early in 2006 so the mysterious new project should be reveiled soon.

Friday 7th, April 2006

The official website of Walt Disney Records has first sound clips of the original soundtrack CD for The Wild (2006) online. These clips will give you a short sneak preview of Alan Silvestri's comeback score which is spread over 9 cues and clocks in at 31 minutes on this release. Furthermore, there are two versions of the film's original song "Really Nice Day" performed by Monty Python veterans Eric Idle and John Du Prez. The Soundtrack will be available on April 11th.

Thursday 30th, March 2006

Breaking News: The cat is out of the bag! Elmer Bernstein's re-recording series of classic film scores, better known as The Film Music Collection and formerly released on LP only, has been re-issued on CD by Film Score Monthly and will come out as a juggernaut box set of 12 CDs which will be limited to 2000 copies and priced at about US-$ 200. Part of the box are Max Steiner's A Summer Place (1959) and Helen Of Troy (1956), Franz Waxman's The Silver Chalice (1954), Bernhard Herrmann's The Ghost And Mrs. Muir (1947) and Torn Curtain (1966), Miklós Rósza's Young Bess (1953), The Thief Of Bagdad (1940) and Madame Bovary (1949), Alfred Newman's Wuthering Heights (1939), Alex North's Viva Zapatha (1952) and Death Of A Salesman (1951), Jerry Fielding's Scorpio (1973), Dimitri Tiomkin's Land Of The Pharaos (1955), Gunfight At The O.K. Corral (1957), The High And The Mighty (1954) and Search For Paradise (1957) as well as three of Elmer's own like The Miracle (1959), Toccata For Toy Trains (1959) and as a special bonus, Kings Of The Sun (1963), Elmer's last re-recording before his death. The landmark collection will come out in two month. Update: Lukas Kendall now confirmed the news officially and provided fans with further details: Jerry Fielding's Scorpio (1973) will be left off the box, the exact price tag is US-$ 199,95 and some of the content had to be mastered directly from LP due to master tapes being lost.

Wednesday 15th, March 2006

Walt Disney Records will release an original soundtrack CD for The Wild (2006) which will contain 9 selections from the original score composed and conducted by Alan Silvestri. Although there is no information about the cue length yet, the amount of score is expected to range from 30 to 35 minutes. 5 pop songs will also be included on the CD which will be released on April 11th and can be pre-ordered at

Monday 6th, March 2006

The long wait is over! Varese Sarabande released Elmer Bernstein's score for Ghostbusters (1984) among their newest batch of Club CDs as a limited edition of 3000 units. The other newly released titles of this batch are Franz Waxman's score for The Return To Peyton Place (1961) as a limited edition of 2000 units, George Delerue's score for An Almost Perfect Affair (1979) as a limited edition of 1000 units as well as a Bill Conti tripple-header, including music from his scores for Rookie Of The Year (1993), A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon (1988) and Bushwhacked (1995), as a limited edition of 1500 units.

Monday 6th, March 2006

As expected, the Academy Award for Best Original Score was given to Gustavo Santaolalla for his minimalistic musical approach to Brokeback Mountain (2005). Legendary composer John Williams was nominated twice in the same category for his two works for Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005) as well as Munich (2005) but lost due to a split of his votes.

Saturday 25th, February 2006

The Italian film music magazine Colonne Sonore has now published an online version of their extensive interview with composer Alan Silvestri. The interview Respecting The Images was originally published in their magazine and has now been translated into english.

Saturday 18th, February 2006

The Site has been re-arranged to give you a better and more compact overview as well as a new feature. You probably have noticed the new section on the left already where I take a first listen (or two) of the newest score releases. I hardly have the time to keep up with all the releases, let alone watching the films to make the extensive reviews as accurate as possible, so these 'instant reviews' do not please the perfectionist in me but at least those score junkies who want some quick notes about newest releases..

Friday 17th, February 2006

Intrada Records has announced a new release from their Special Collection series featuring Michael Small's complete original score for the thriller Black Widow (1987) mastered from original 20th Century Fox stereo session elements. The release is a limited edition of 1200 copies.

Thursday 16th, February 2006

Film Score Monthly announced the latest releases with Ron Goodwin's score for the WW2 adventure film Force 10 From Navarone (1978) plus another LP double header CD featuring John(ny) Williams' score for Not With My Wife, You Don't (1966) and George Duning's score for Any Wednesday (1966).

Friday 10th, February 2006

Composer Teddy Castellucci had to walk off Sony Pictures fantasy comedy Click! (2006) starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale. Alan Silvestri is now on board to compose the score for the movie which will hit theaters in june.

Thursday 9th, February 2006

Craig Armstrong's original score for Ray (2004) earned the composer his first Grammy Award for best score. Composer Alan Silvestri and lyricist Glen Ballard won a Grammy for the song "Believe" from The Polar Express (2004). This is Alan Silvestri's second well-deserved Grammy award after his win in 2002 for Cast Away (2000) in the category best instrumental composition.

Wednesday 8th, February 2006

The japanese news website Yomiuri Online reports that legendary Japanese composer Akira Ifukube has died today at the age of 91. He composed the music for the Gojira movies and more than 300 other works mainly for feature films, Animes and other Japanese productions but a lot of concert music as well.

Friday 3rd, February 2006

Varese Sarabande announced a string of new releases for spring 2006 including music from Running Scared (2006) by Mark Isham, The Pink Panther (2006) by Christophe Beck and the highly anticipated release of music from the TV series Lost (2005/2006) composed by Michael Giacchino. Further upcoming releases from the label are music from Firewall (2006) by Alexandre Desplat, Freedomland (2006) by James Newton Howard, Inside Man (2006) by Terence Blanchard and The Ten Commandments (2006) by Randy Edelman.

Saturday 28th, January 2006

Music from the movies reports that Tadlow records has just finished a complete re-recording of Elmer Bernstein's classic score for the John Wayne western True Grit (1969) featuring the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Paramount Pictures allowed them to access the original sheets not only to ensure a faithful re-recording but to preserve the material as well. The release of the new recording is a limited edition of 3000 copies and will come out in late april.

Monday 23rd, January 2006

The new FSM CD's for this month are released. The first release is a George Duning double-header with the original scores for Bell, Book And Candle (1958) and 1001 Arabian Nights (1959) while the second release is a 2-CD edition featuring Oliver Nelson's score for Zigzag (1970) and Jerry Fielding's score for The Super Cops (1974).

Thursday 19th, January 2006

A video of a lengthy interview with composer John Williams done on January 11th at the USC's Thornton School Of Music is now available for viewing online. The incredibly extensive interview is divided in six parts and runs 100 minutes.

Tuesday 17th, January 2006

Legendary composer John Williams has won his fourth Golden Globe for his original score to Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005). This is a perfect conclusion for what was a very busy year 2005 for the composer. Congratulations to John Williams and good luck for the upcoming academy awards!

Monday 16th, January 2006

Lukas Kendall announced that two more releases from the Film Score Monthly catalogue are about to sell out soon. The titles are three classic and groundbreaking scores from the 20th Century Fox music archives, namely Beneath The 12-Mile Reef (1953) by Bernard Herrmann and Patton (1970) by Jerry Goldsmith paired with Flight Of The Phoenix (1965) by Frank DeVol. The stock on each of these CD's is down to less than 50 copies and collectors as well as fans of the composers should order their copies now if they haven't done so already. FSM's release of Leonard Rosenman's The Fantastic Voyage (1966) is already sold out!

Thursday 15th, December 2005

Film Score Monthly announced two new releases. The first is a two-n-one release of John Barry's highly sought-after scores for Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (1972) and Petulia (1968). The second release is an extensive 2-CD set of Bronislau Kaper's score for The Glass Slipper (1955).

Thursday 1st, December 2005

Prometheus Records announced two new releases: A re-issue of the Jerry Goldsmith suspense score for Ransom (1975) and a limited to 3000 units edition of Bill Conti's glorious score for the Sylvester Stallone film Victory (1981).

Wednesday 23rd, November 2005

Varese Sarabande announced the last club releases of 2005:
Broadcast News (1987) by Bill Conti, The Skalphunters (1968) by Elmer Bernstein, The Left Hand Of God (1955) by Victor Young and Top Secret (1984) by Maurice Jarre. Top Secret is a limited edition of 1000 copies and sold out after less than 10 hours. You might still find a copy at ebay or other soundtrack retailers.

Sunday 20th, November 2005

Intrada Records announced their latest Signature Edition release of Laurence Rosenthal's symphonic score for the Simon Wincer film The Echo of Thunder (1998). The release is limited to 1000 copies.

Friday 11th, November 2005

Percepto Records has announced three new score releases: The Reluctant Astronaut (1967) by Vic Mizzy, Killer Clowns From Outer Space (1988) by John Massari and The Escape Artist (1982) by Georges Delerue. All releases are limited editions.

Monday 7th, November 2005

Due to the upcoming announcement of the next Varese Club CDs on November 21st, Film Score Monthly has already announced the new titles for December: Jerry Fielding's rejected score for The Getaway (1972) which will also contain a bonus dvd featuring a  short documentary about the score and a Bronislau Kaper double feature with his scores for Invitation (1952) and A Life Of Her Own (1950) together on one CD.

Saturday 5th, November 2005

GDM Music is going to release an expanded and newly remastered version of Ennio Morricone's classic score for Sergio Leone's western movie Once Upon A Time In The West (1968).

Thursday 3rd, November 2005

Intrada records announced their release of Bruce Broughton's complete western score for Silverado (1985). It consists of two CDs containing over 40 minutes of previously unreleased material from the actual 24-tracks session masters.

Saturday 29th, October 2005

According to Music From The Movies, Pirates Of The Caribbean-Composer Klaus Badelt (picture left) is going to score Wolfgang Petersen's Poseidon (2006), the remake of The Poseidon Adventure (1972) which was scored by John Williams.

Saturday 22nd, October 2005

Breaking News: The legendary filmmusic print magazine Film Score Monthly is no more! As owner Lukas Kendall (picture left) stated on the board, they have to give up their print magazine due to financial problems but they will still keep the monthly CD releases coming. All contents of the former magazine FSM are now expected to be moved to the website.

Thursday 20th, October 2005

Alan Silvestri's score for the academy award winning short film Two Soldiers (2003) will be released as isolated score special feature for the film's DVD. It will play like a CD accessable via a special menu. You can pre-order the dvd on

Friday 14th, October 2005

Breaking News: Howard Shore's score for Peter Jackson's monster project King Kong has been REJECTED! James Newton Howard is officially confirmed as the new composer and he is currently working on a replacement score.

Tuesday 11th, October 2005

Varese Sarabande is going to release John Debney's heroic score for the sci-fi adventure film Zathura as well as the new compilation The High and the Mighty - A Century Of Flight featuring music from airborne scores recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Richard Kaufman.

Sunday 9th, October 2005

On the website of the Berliner Philharmoniker is a concert scheduled for June 2006, called John Williams - Hollywood at the Waldbuehne. There are no details about the program yet and no information has been given wether or not John Williams will come to Berlin to contuct the concert himself.

Saturday 8th, October 2005

Intrada Records announced their 26th Special Collection release, featuring the score from Hush, Hush... Sweet Charlotte! (1964) by Frank DeVol. The release is limited to 1200 units.

Friday 7th, October 2005

Intrada is going to announce their latest Special Collection release very soon: Hush, Hush... Sweet Charlotte! (1964) by Frank DeVol.

Thursday 6th, October 2005

The rumour turned out to be correct: Film Score Monthly just announced their new releases for October: The Academy Award winning score for Lili (1953) by Bronislau Kaper and a 2-CD set featuring The Carey Threatment (1972) by Roy Budd, Westworld (1973) by Fred Karlin and Coma (1978) by Jerry Goldsmith.

Friday 30, September 2005

Intrada Record's Special Collection Release of Henry Mancini's Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation (1962) is now SOLD OUT. You may still find it on other online stores such as Buysoundtrax or Screenarchives.

Thursday 29, September 2005

Varese Sarabande has announced more upcoming score releases including Joel Goldsmith's score for the TV series Stargate: Atlantis, Mychael Danna's score for Water, Greg Edmonson's score for the TV series Firefly, Clint Mansell's score for the big screen adaption of the PC game Doom and John Debney's score for Duma. This wealth of new releases is certainly due to the new deal with the musicians union.

Wednesday 28, September 2005

Roger Feigelson from Intrada Records announced a re-issue of the Jerry Goldsmith score for the Franklin J. Schaffner film Islands In The Stream (1977). The release was a re-recording conducted by Goldsmith himself of a work that represents his own personal favorite score. More re-issues of previously OOP Intrada CD's are in the works such as Bruce Broughton's Silverado (1985) and Tombstone (1993).

Friday 16, September 2005

Dan Goldwasser from reports that the complete score for Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring composed by Howard Shore will be available on November 22nd from Reprise/WMG. The box consists of 3 disc with 180 minutes of music. No info has been given about the price yet.

Thursday 15, September 2005

Intrada Records announced their newest Special Collection release:

Planet Of The Apes - The Series (1974) with music by Lalo Schifrin and Earle Hagen.

This is a dream come true for all fans of the ape franchise, who can now complete their collection of PotA scores.