Other Review Sites

Movie Music UK: Jonathan Broxton's site offers a wealth of reviews and an online forum.

Music From The Movies: A magazine devoted to filmmusic which offers a huge database of reviews and feature articles.

Movie Wave: The review site by James Southall will surprise you with lots of reviews and several feature articles.

Score Wars: Design of this private score review site hosted by Michael Nicholson is rather sparse but never judge a book by its cover!

ScoreNotes: A wonderful site that does not only offers reviews but streaming media, an audio library, interviews and much, much more.

Radio Soundtrack F-M: A website hosted by my friend Thomas Glorieux who is presenting us his interesting opinions about film scores.

Soundtrack-Express: Excellent film music review site hosted by Tom Daish with a resourceful database of reviews.

Soundtrack Net: Online magazine about filmmusic by acclaimed journalist Dan Goldwasser. The site offers recent news, reviews and feature articles by many different authours.



SoundtrackCollector.com: Excellent database which contains tracklistings, artwork and information for all kinds of releases.


Composer Fan Sites

Please check the profiles in the composers section for links to fanmade and official composer websites.


Special Soundtrack Labels

These guys are sparing no expense to bring us demanding film score fans what we want: Exciting releases of our most beloved scores composed by our favorite composers. Here, you can find links to their sites with the excellent releases:

Varese Sarabande Records: They are the most prolific label for releases of recent filmmusic gems. Their producer Robert Townson is working on releasing special Club Titles which are usually limited to a certain amount of copies, ranging from 1000 to 3000 copies per title depending on the possible demand.

Film Score Monthly: Many fans of older film scores from before 1970 would have to live without many great releases if FSM would not exist. Lukas Kendall's FSM is actually a magazine but they are also releasing limited editions of classic film scores on a monthly basis. Their output has been incredible and many great scores from the past have seen the light of day thanks to FSM.

Intrada Records: A label devoted to the music of composer Bruce Broughton. If it would not be for producer Douglas Fake and his crew at Intrada, Broughton fans would probably miss a lot of the composer's excellent music. Intrada also releases other interesting titles by other composers regularly in their Special Collection series. Some time ago, they introduced a series of Signature Editions which contains scores composed for smaller scale films by big-name composers.

Prometheus Records: A belgium filmmusic magazine which is releasing soundtracks and limited edition CDs supported by producer Ford A. Thaxton. They have had an incredible output recently. Their website seems to be dead but they are still busy with new releases.

La-La-Land Records: They mainly release television scores and few film scores. Keep an eye on their site, because La-La-Land records (what a name) sometimes has some nice surprise releases in the making.